Migrating to KnowRob 2.0

This page is a work in progress

The current master branch contains a redesign of KnowRob. The redesign changes the way how Knowrob has to be included into your project. Additionally some queries were replaced.

Changes in the project dependencies and imports

Migration of commonly used queries

Registering of old KnowRob packages

Many of the packages of the old knowrob/knowrob repository, e.g. knowrob_common or knowrob_vis have been merged into one knowrob package. Therefore calls of the form

?- register_ros_package(knowrob_common).
?- register_ros_package(knowrob_vis).

can be replaced by

?- register_ros_package(knowrob).

Loading .owl files

OWL files where loadid

?- owl_parser:owl_parse('package://knowrob_yourpackage/owl/yourontology.owl').
?- rdf_db:rdf_register_prefix(
yourontology, 'http://knowrob_yourpackage/owl/yourontology.owl#', [keep(true)]).
?- tripledb_load(
If you want to load the owl file and set a namespace
?- owl_parser:owl_parse('package://knowrob_yourpackage/owl/yourontology.owl').
?- tripledb_load('package://knowrob_yourpackage/owl/yourontology.owl').
If you want to load the owl file but not set a namespace