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Migrating to the catkinized version of KnowRob

Starting from ROS hydro/indigo, KnowRob has switched to the catkin buildsystem and the 'new' rosjava. This page explains the steps that are needed for transforming packages that have been built for the old version to the new KnowRob.


As a first step, you can use the 'catkinize' scripts that generate something like a valid catkin package from your rosbuild packages. The following manual steps are then

  • Clean up the package.xml, e.g. setting the author and maintainer names and emails. Please check for package names that may have changed.
  • Update the CMakeLists.txt. Please check for package names that may have changed.
    • Remove all rosbuild and old rosjava statements, e.g. for generating .owl from files.
  • Rename all * and * files into *.owl and *.pl. Replace the @LOCAL_PACKAGE_PATH@ (or similar) directives with URLs of the form package:<ros_pkg_name>/local/path/to/file.owl, e.g. package:knowrob_common/owl/knowrob.owl. This new syntax works for loading OWL files both from OWL and Prolog files.
  • Remove the 'false, false, true' arguments from all owl_parse() statements. The new syntax is simply owl_parse('package:<ros_pkg_name>/local/path/to/file.owl'). ===== Converting Java packages ===== ===== Changelog ===== The changes have been ticketed at the knowrob repository for Milestone 1. Please have a look here for a list of changes: